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Case studies
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Prototype for TILER's wireless e-bike charging tiles

TILER's ambition is to become a widely distributed and universal charging network for light electric transport. They want to make it so easy to take an E-bike or E-Scooter that more and more people leave their cars behind.

The Client

TILER's ambition is to become a widely distributed and universal charging network for light electric transport. TILER wants to make it so easy to take an E-bike or E-Scooter that more and more people leave their cars behind. Built on an academic project by the Technical University in Delft, TILER developed the world's first wireless induction charger for e-bikes in the form of a charging tile and a bicycle kickstand.

The Challenge

TILER needed ten wooden charging stations that each enclose a charging tile for an upcoming event. This required CNC milling for the wooden parts that were then assembled to create the pad. Since this exhibition was going to be in two weeks, they were looking for a production partner that could turn this job around in a very short amount of time. This is where Cutr could help them out. Connecting the best and vetted manufacturers with customers based on their needs, Cutr was able to match TILER with a manufacturer who not only had the capacity to react quickly, but could also deliver on the quality needed to best showcase TILER’s design. .

“Despite the rush, Cutr's collaboration was super smooth. Without Cutr, we probably wouldn't have made it to our timeline. Not only did the production go quickly, but not having to prepare production drawings also saved a lot of time.”

The Solution

Within days of the event, the parts for the charging stations were finished production and ready to be sent out. Upon delivery, one of Cutr’s team members was present at TILER’s workshop in Delft to do a final quality check. Together they discovered that the manufacturer missed the chamfers on the edges, and within hours, the manufacturing partner and Cutr came back with a solution.

“The possibility to upload the STEP file of a composition without making further drawings is really great. I was somewhat sceptical about this beforehand, but that turned out to be wrong.”

“After delivery, a number of sides of the product were found not to be chamfered. The manufacturer fixed this on location the next day.”


Building products, and launching a successful company around it, requires consistent and reliable partners. Cutr understands the need for that by bringing a focused and streamlined experience to managing your production. Transparency, communication, focus on quality and reducing errors in building with wood, all in one place.

Interested in learning more about TILER and their charging pad? Visit their website to learn more!


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Case studies
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